Monday, May 11, 2009

Sometimes my plans don't go as planned.

Friday was my day off. I had planned to go to Clearwater Beach to soak up some sun and read my book for book club. Instead of Clearwater, I found myself on the Howard Franklin Bridge headed in a very different direction towards St. Pete Beach, which is where I got married. Not too bad...nice beaches and I was familiar with the area. Wrong. The beaches are nice, but I managed to take a wrong turn, called Andy's mom for directions, and finally made my way 1.5 hours later to St. Pete Beach. I forgot to put the receipt for the parking on my dash, so 4 hours later (after becoming extra crispy even with regularly applying sunscreen!!) I have a ticket for unpaid parking which I can't contest until 1pm today!

Today, my alarm was set for 6:15. Andy's alarm was also set. However, we never heard them so at 7:45 this morning I'm frantically saying "Andy, Andy, Andy get up!" as I take the coldest, quickest shower in the history of mankind, rush down the stairs, drop Andy at work, and race(safely and within the speed limit) to work - ending up only 15 minutes late!

Hopefully this means the week will only get better!