Monday, June 15, 2009

After being in Florida for 4 months and a day, I feel like it is safe for me to admit that while I love being here there are quite a few superficial things that I really miss about Memphis.

  • being able to easily find two lane roads
  • Shelby farms
  • Kroger
  • Schnucks
  • having friends to hang out with
  • knowing where TJ Maxx and Marshalls are located
  • knowing where every dollar store in a 20 mile radius is
  • 3 huge crosses
  • Germantown Pkwy
  • 40/240/40/240 looping interstates here - how logical!
  • mega churches everywhere
  • a downtown/town square area to every city
  • boutiques and antique malls close by
  • a wicked awesome library
  • J Alexanders
  • Bank of Bartletts
  • squirrels everywhere
  • knowing street names
  • knowing where almost all the middle and high schools are
  • wolfchase mall
  • having 3 movie theatre options in a 5 mile radius
  • hearing the music from the Incredible Pizza Company as soon as I walk out my door
  • drivers who know how to merge
  • K-Love

some of these things i miss because i miss their ridiculous qualities (K-Love), but most I miss because of the familiarity that has been lost in their absence. God is using us here and we are blessed beyond measure. But today, I miss Memphis...