Friday, September 18, 2009

Its Friday!!!

I don't know about you, but I always wake up on Friday's excited and refreshed. There's something almost magical about knowing its Friday. Am I right? Thank goodness for weekends of just having fun!

Tonight, there's Andy's mom's graduation party which will be a blast! I've rolled, cut, baked and frosted 60 sugar cookies. I've made a salad big enough for 40ish people to enjoy. I've got green and gold decorations galore (GO BULLS!) and I'm ready. (Just to clarify, the other party host is providing the main course. Man/woman cannot live on salad alone!)

Tomorrow, I'm going with Andy to check out a vintage clothing store/antique store in Tampa called Yesterdaze. I'm hoping to find some really cute things. Maybe a cool necklace or a cute top, or maybe a little something for the apartment. Wish me luck! Then tomorrow night its another football game. Hopefully the Bulls will win big time!

Then, for the piece de resistance...drum roll please....I'm running/walking my first 5k Sunday morning before church. Yes, I will be going to Sunday School and service after completing a 5k a mere 1/2 hour before. I had orginally planned for there to be more running than walking for me, but I managed to mess up my left calf muscle so it'll probably be more walking. However, I should be able to complete it, walking, in 50 minutes or less which for you runners is like a snail's pace, but hey, at least I'm doing it! :)

So those are my weekend plans. Parties, football, and a little 5k. What about you? What exciting, or not so exciting, plans do you have this weekend??


Andy said...

Willpower (n) 1. the act of passing 61 sugar cookies that your wife made from scratch perfectly frosted for your fav team, without eating 1!

Rachel said...

For the record, you did have 1 which made my count an even 60. But thanks for saying they're perfectly frosted!!

Candace said...

may weekend plans always include a nap... hopefully on both days. :)