Saturday, October 17, 2009

A conglomeration of random thoughts are about to ensue...please prepare yourself for stream of consciousness:

I'm really excited about the weather today! It's cloudy and overcast which means a "cold front" came through! Cold front has always seemed so relative to me. Now to any meteorologist, I'm aware it has to do with air pressure, but to a girl living in Florida, its not nice to tease her by using words such as "cold" when its middle of October and it's been in the mid to high 90's. However...That is about to change today!!!! Right now its in the 60's and the h
igh today is supposed to be 78! YAHOO!!! I realize its not cold enough to break out the UGG's or the sweaters or the scarves or any other lovely fall clot
hing that I faintly remember owning. But I'm oh so thankful for a drop in temperatures. Perhaps it can stay like this for a while??

Thursday night we went to the USF vs Cincinnati game. Fun game. We lost pitifully for no real good reason, but Andy and I had fun. In fact, we even painted his head to look like a helmet and it was quite the hit with the fans, especially the frat boy types. Who knows we might just start doing it for every game... What do you think?

Today I'm off to go face paint at a Disability Fall Fest for families with children with autism and related disabilities. It should be fun! That's another reason I'm glad it's cooler outside...from 10-2 I'll be outside painting little kids faces with balloons, footballs, butterflies, bats, pumpkins, friendly ghosts, flowers, soccer balls, etc.

Then maybe I'll come home and bake. The kitchen is calling my name. But what to bake??


Candace said...

pumpkin bread!!!