Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So my brother in law went to Africa 6 months ago, and yesterday he finally came home! He was in West Africa teaching a village new farming techniques. But while he was working quite hard, he managed to buy lots of neat things...like the 2 ebony hippos he brought back for me! (since I collect hippos - weird I know), as well as pieces of art, hats, purses (for me & his mom), nifty locks, etc.

He also befriended the tailor, who liked Ryan so much, that the tailor (whose name I can't spell or pronounce) made all of us clothing - by hand- for free! How unbelievable! He picked out the fabric for each of us! In fact, as I type, I'm wearing my African skirt...so comfy! The pictures aren't the best of me, so just focus on the awesome clothes :)

My top & head wrap...I seriously need help with how to correctly wrap it.

My very cool skirt!