Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yesterday I ran my 3rd 5k. It was cold, rainy, and all around terrible weather but I still managed to set a new personal best - 40 minutes and 30 seconds! It felt so good to cross that finish line!

Last night we also had a friend come in town to stay for a couple of days. Andy went to seminary with him, and he also was the person that married us. He and Andy are going to a youth pastor's conference the next couple of days, so Nick chose to stay with us. It's been nice to have an outsider's view of different things with our ministry - especially since he's in ministry himself. It's helped us to not feel like we're perceiving things wrong, and encouraged us to hold strong in what we know.

I hope you have had a good weekend... Monday is coming all too soon :)


hippie mommie said...

Go Rachel! I need so badly to start running again. It seems the more I keep telling myself I'm going to, the lazier I get!

Love the new background!