Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1) I am envious these days of those I know who are buying houses. Don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED for them! I'm just curious to know when we'll get to join this bandwagon.

2) Easter morning was quite a long morning, but our breakfast fundraiser for the students (to help pay for camp) went amazingly well. The only 2 bad parts of the day was 1) me burning my leg on the oven door when the oven was at 425 degrees and 2) I never want to look at or smell bacon again after cooking 15lbs of it!

3)The choir sang "In Christ Alone" Sunday and man! The worship that flowed through the sanctuary! So exciting! I could barely contain myself; I'm sure I must of looked like I belonged in a Gospel choir instead of our little choir the way I was raising my hands and dancin' in my robe! But how thrilling to sing, on easter, "then bursting forth in glorious light, up from the grave He rose again!...no guilt in life, no fear in death, this is the power of Christ in me." When that reality hits you dear friend, that's a moment of true worship!

4) I plan on buying a new dress or new shoes soon. I haven't bought shoes in about a year, nor did I buy an easter dress so I think some shopping is in order!

5) My house is in desperate need of a maid. I have found myself so incapable these days of working full time, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, running, and spending time with my dear husband. It's just far to much for my little self to deal with, despite the helpfullness of Andy.

6) We need new furniture. Almost all of our furniture is second-hand and is running out of life. But oh how I don't want to spend money and time to go looking and replacing. So I will deal with my messy house and sad furniture for a bit longer it seems.

7) I've gone to the beach TWICE this past week and Saturday the beach will be visited by me again! Oh Florida - you are lovely in the summer!

8) Running 10 miles today to get one last major run in before my 15k Saturday. I'm so excited that I've become consistent in running/walking. My heart is much happier, and I feel so much better. Plus, I'm getting a pretty great collection of race shirts and medals :)

9) Friday night we have a track meet to go to for a student! Finally, our kids are realizing we're serious about wanting to come to their events and they're letting us know about them in time to actually attend! Progress is occurring our student ministry!

10) Oh and since this has been a pretty honest blog, I might as well end with one sadly honest piece of information. In 3 days I consumed an entire bag of those little powdered donuts by myself. I know, it's shameful but they're so good! Hopefully one of these days when I'm preggo, I'll have a craving for those so I have a better excuse... a girl can dream...


Andy said...

They're gone? I only got one? I thought there were more left. NO WONDER I couldn't find them anywhere!

Crystal said...

I love those donuts that's why russ won't let me buy them. I also cant eat them in public. I get powdered sugar all over my face like a kid.

Rachel said...

ha ha! I always get it everywhere too!

Candace said...

1. Buying a house just means there is more to clean!

2. I miss our apartment days. There's a country song called, "You're going to miss this." And I really do.

3. So proud of you for running. I too have the fever. I'm no where near 10 miles though.

4. Eating donuts is fine b/c you're running off the calories... at least keep telling yourself that as you stuff another one in your mouth! It'll make you feel better.

Angela said...

See, I THOUGHT that was how I would be when I was all preggo, but this butt I am getting I surely can't blame on the baby...it would have to be on the junk food :)

hippie mommie said...

I'm with Candace. Buying a house isn't all it's cracked up to be... I love the freedom to be able to do what I want in my flower beds and paint the colors I want to paint... But I'm ready to move, and we're stuck- not because we're waiting out a lease, but because of the housing market.