Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1) This weekend Andy and I went on a little in-town mini vacation. Sadly it wasn't very relaxing. Our hotel room got all messed up, there was an issue with the A/C at the hotel, I had clothes that I had just purchased stolen by someone in the next store we went into at the outlet mall, etc etc etc. Andy and I had a good time hanging out - but it definitely was no vacation!

2) In just 3 weeks-ish I'll be in Memphis! I'm so excited about driving down familiar roads and eating at Huey's! And enjoying some real barbeque!!

3) My body has decided to become allergic to cheese and dairy. Boo! Hiss! Eating cheese, milk, ice cream, etc causes my throat to constrict - not to the point that I can't breathe or talk - but still to a point that is quite frustrating. So everyone, please eat some dairy for me...seems like I crave it at every meals these days.

4) I'm running a 5 mile race on Saturday with Andy and some friends. It's the Miles for Moffit race and all the money goes to Moffit Cancer Institute to help fund finding a cure for cancer. Running in honor of several people I know going through cancer right now.

5) I went to a high school choir and orchestra concert tonight. It was quite...interesting. :) Probably my favorite part was the fact that since the choir was singing disney songs the choir members dressed up as Disney characters - my student who I was cheering on wore my Mrs. Potts costume and did an outstanding job singing!!

6) Today I went to the grocery store. Andy and I planned on spending about $80 on this trip...instead we spent under $50!! I guess that made dealing with all the stupid Wal-mart shoppers worth it. :)

7) Mint Milano cookies are delicious. If you haven't tried them you should. You should also try Almond M&M's...amazing!

8) Laundry seems to be never ending...seriously - there's only 2 of us! Currently, I'm behind majorly - almost all the laundry is clean which is great! However, instead of being folded, they are in a pile, whimpering, crying, begging for me to fold them. It's a start at least...right?

9) Currently I'm working on planning a Friday night, Saturday all day Women's Weekend (not sticking with that name probably) and I have the 3 sessions that I'll be teaching. I'm SO excited about this! I hope there aren't any problems.

10) I'm going to try to be more regular blogging now that I had a bit of a hiatus...sometimes I just have to clear my head. You know how it goes... :)


Candace said...

Our laundry is almost always clean... but you may have to go to the laundry room to find what you need. :) I'm working on this.