Friday, June 25, 2010

Exhaustion. defines it as extreme weakness or fatigue. A synonym is weariness. 

Imagine for a minute a little kid. It's about 1pm. They've had a really long day of playing at the park or spending time with a few friends. Her mom picks her up and instantly the girl's head leans on her mom's shoulder. Her eyes start to droop and her body slowly becomes dead weight as she settles into sleep. It's naptime.

When did we forget to stop? Why is naptime only for little ones? I'm not necessarily talking about actual naps (although those are delightful). I'm talking about resting, breathing - taking time out to restore their spirits. So often we fail to scoop up the tired, weary, and fatigued around us. We forget that maybe those around us need a "nap". A nap, a moment of rest, from all the noises and stimuli around us. A time of respite from the harsh words, mean people, and tiring decisions required from us daily.

These days I notice exhausted people more. Probably because I am one. Physically exhausted due to VBS and our crazy schedule. But more exhausting than this, is the emotional fatigue. Life is very tiring right now. I'm in a place where God has said yes and wait at the same time. It allows me to better understand how the Israelite kids must have felt when they were wandering in the wilderness. They were stuck in the middle of no where, realizing they'd get to see the Promised Land, but having to wait years and years. It's hard not to complain. It's hard not to doubt. It's hard because I need a nap. But as of now, there is no one really who can pick me and let me rest on their shoulder. That's NOT to say that I don't have many people around me to love me and care about me. They simply can't help in the midst of my fatigue (but I know they would if they could!). 

Look for the weary ones around you. Scoop them up if at all possible. If you are exhausted yourself, hang in there! We'll make it together. Now where is my plastic mat? I'm ready for naptime!


Crystal said...

if this had a facebook "like" Button, I soooooooooooooo would use it. Glad you loved vbs. I want my mat in the corner away from the windows.