Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I always thought meets Reality

What I always thought:

1)I'd enjoy living completely on my own, no one else in the house
2)My pantry would always be stocked with the best snacks
3)I'd have something other than water to drink in my house
4)I wouldn't be married until I was at least 35
5)I would never want kids
6)I would buy all new furniture when I moved out on my own
7)I would grow out of wearing jeans so long the edges get frayed
8)I would have my master's degree and be a psychologist by the time I was 25


1)Andy has been gone all week and I hate trying to go to sleep. The noises creep me out. So while I enjoy "me time" I definitely am not a fan of being by myself.
2) I grocery shop about once every 6 weeks and almost never even go near the cookie aisle, the chip aisle, or any other snack section.
3) All we ever have in our house is water, unless we're having a party
4) I got married when I was 23
5)I want kids!
6) The only brand new furniture in my apartment is one bookshelf.
7)I just bought jeans yesterday that drag on the floor...I don't think I'll ever grow out of this.
8) I am still doing admin. assistant work, do not have any plans currently for getting my master's and don't want to be a psychologist at all.


Sarah @ Hippie Mommie said...

Isn't that funny how life changes you so much over the years!?

Maria said...

This post is great. #5 and 7 both make me smile.

The Blessed Wife said...

Oh I know how you feel! Especially #1!

Crystal said...

#1 happens after you get married i think. When you are single you expect to be alone, but when you are married and the spot next to you is empty it's sad. For me it's an un written expectation to have Russ next to me.
ps you get no alone time when you get #5