Monday, August 23, 2010

I saw this on Candace's blog and thought I'd repost it with my answers...

I Always...

crave popcorn anytime I walk into a movie theater
love spending a quiet night at home (though they rarely happen)
love cooking dinner for the hubs - it never gets old!
want to do something different to my hair

I Sometimes...
wish I had never signed up for this 1/2 marathon
feel like I'm still an awkward 7th grader and that maybe one day I'll be "cool
forget how to swallow - weird I know.
still long to be a public women's speaker
I Never...
get tired of being married
want to miss an opportunity to encourage and love those around me
seem to get caught up on laundry


Maria said...

You can catch up on laundry, but the frustrating thing is you can NEVER get ahead of it.

Shelby said...

I think we all live with that awkward 7th grader feeling -- I'm ... well, never mind how old I am ... but I still get it!

Girl, let me tell you -- you will never win the battle of the laundry! I climb Mt. Laundry on what seems like (not really, just seems like it) a daily basis and I'm never done. I swear that stuff multiplies more than rabbits! :-)

Do you mind if I steal?

Rachel said...

Maria & Shelby, so true! I get all caught up, it's folded and put away and then I look down and there's the beginning of a new load. Ugh!

Shelby, feel free to steal :)