Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I need to start having more time at home. More time to work on crafty projects. More time to at least be in the apartment at the same time as my husband. So dear blog friends, I'm setting out to create a way to keep me accountable to this.

Once every 2 weeks, I will post a craft/art project or a new recipe tried by yours truly. The idea is that as I take the time to post these projects, recipes, etc I will have forced myself to stay at home, take some "me" time and enjoy my life without all the busy-ness that is currently consuming me.

The first craft post should be posted within 2 weeks of today. Please help me. If you notice that it's more than 2 weeks post a comment asking what's up. Thanks blog friends!!


Shelby said...

This is too weird. I had just sort of said the same thing to the kids yesterday about me -- a little different, of course, but still sort of the same.

Will especially look forward to the recipes!!

Maria said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!