Sunday, October 24, 2010

A lot on my mind these days. This past week I wasn't home one single night. A fun week, a meaningful week as I poured into several women, a full week. And now I'm looking forward to this week. Only Monday and next Sunday have plans and I'm keeping it that way.

When I was in college, I made Tuesday night "My Night". I made no plans, I kept it free. It was my personal time to rejuvinate myself before worrying about the rest of my week. Why Tuesday? Because it worked. :) So now, I'm planning seriously to make "My Night" a reality again. I need it. So many things in my life right now that are pulling at me. So many things causing my heart and mind heartache these days. So I need to remember what helped during my college years and take a night to restore my spent introverted self.

...On a separate note, my heart is aching for a dear friend. She has and is going through so much that is a direct result of the sins of her parents. Please keep her in your prayers. It's hard at a time like this to understand how God has a plan for good and not for harm...please pray for clarity and healing that can only be supernatural. Thanks.