Monday, October 18, 2010

Thoughts on this Monday...

Starbucks is kept far too cold!!!!!

Matthew West's new album "Story of Your Life" is going to be the first CD I buy in over a year! SOOOOO Good!

A student called me last night, sobbing - she had self-harmed just hours before. Please Lord Jesus, allow her to see no resolution, no peace, can come from self-harm - only from you!

I walked out of church during last night's sermon. I was somehow able to walk back in and sit through the rest of it.

About to meet a friend, who's also a new believer, to discuss the Bible! Tonight's topic: Worship.

Incredibly proud of my husband and cannot wait to hear him preach Sunday!!!!

My half-marathon is just 5 weeks away!!!

We are considering downsizing our apartment when our lease is up - that means going from about 1200 sq ft to about 700...excited for the decorating change-up that will ensue!