Monday, January 31, 2011

This weekend was hard. The past week before that was crazy. I feel sleep deprived and overwhelmed. Spent is a good word for it. So instead of thinking about the past craziness and ongoing stress, I'm gonna talk about something different.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It's always a funky holiday to me. Too much pink and red (neither color am I crazy about) and mushy-gushy stuff. It's wierd to pick one day to tell your spouse or girl/boyfriend how much they mean to you. Then there's the picking out a gift...

If you're dating someone for just a few months when it rolls around you're in the position of one of my friends who is walking that line of getting the "right" gift without saying too other words finding that "I'm glad we're dating but we're not ready to say I love you yet" gift.

Or if it's me, trying to find a nice sweet "I love you hubby" gift when I'm not the romantical type at all... poor hubs. Then V-Day is also my birthday so the poor hubs has to acknowledge both occasions separately without killing our account.

I have a vague idea of what I'm doing for Andy, but with Valentine's Day being just a few weeks away, us downsizing/moving in just less than a month, and unexpected expenses this weekend, I just don't even know what to do!

See? It's a funky holiday! So, I want to hear your thoughts. What do you like or not like about Valentine's Day? What is the best gift you received for V-day? What is the best one you've given?


The Blessed Wife said...

I love Valentine's day as excuse to love on my husband. However, we seem to run on holidays from October on. October is our anniversary, November is Thanksgiving, December of course, January is my b-day, 2 weeks later is V-day and then 2 weeks later is Nick's b-day. By March, we are just done and feeling broke. So this year, we are doing a $3 challenge. I don't know why we picked 3 but we did. Nick's not mushy so its easy for me. I know it's not his thing so cards are my favorite and flowers help too!

Crystal said...

I too love Valentines day,but it might be of what I made it growing up. I didn't date much, so I made V-Day a day to tell my friends how they were great friends. Tell the people in my life they were special.
I have to say v-day is fun for me I love the sappy movies, and cheezy stuff that goes with it, but we at the jones house are actually very low key about the holiday itself. I'm a words of affermation, my husband is a man of few words so, we exchange cards. Then go out to dinner some time that week not on the actual day (to busy at the resturants).
ps love red, could do without pink.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you something...every matter how small some lean years ;-)mimi

Rachel said...

I'm all about some quality time! So, we usually skip the gifts and pick a nice place to eat dinner, just not on the actual day bc no restaurant is worth a 2 hr wait in my opinion!