Monday, May 23, 2011

Wish List - all things big and small

* a clean house when i come home tonight
* a week-long vacation
* own a bakery
* to be a speaker to women - like a legit, get paid for speaking speaker
* to go back and get my masters (toying with one possibility now)
* own a home
* a bigger kitchen
* a dining room table
* a place for a dining room table
* to not feel like a nomad/transient
* more time to DIY
* a place like Shelby Farms here in Tampa
* my bike to be fixed
* to fit into my clothes from college again
* to try my new idea for a PB&J cupcake
* a stand mixer
* room to put a stand mixer (see *a bigger kitchen)
* a Jello Mousse Temptations - it's time for my afternoon snack!
* an at-home movie night
* a get together at my house
* time to plan a get together at my house
* some of life's red lights to switch to green - but thankful that 1 did and we now have TWO CARS!

What's your Monday wish list?