Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm going to pretend that someone out there cares what I've been up to and fill ya in :)

1) When your whole apartment is 600 square feet, you don't have much room to spare so our 2 bikes wound up in the bedroom. Add 2 bikes to a poor layout and you've got a cramped space that will drive your hubby insane! Yesterday he rearranged the room and I must say he's brilliant! the room is MUCH more spacious and we even wound up with extra wall space to hang a painting his great-uncle painted a few years ago (We miss you Uncle John!).

2) I threw my back out a week ago today, and have since become very familiar with my chiropractor. I'd never been to one before, but mine is helping me tremendously. The only terrible thing, well besides wearing a back brace 24/7, is having to take 15 enzyme supplements (to help with inflammation) and mutiple all-natural (and SMELLY!) muscle relaxers a day! Just call me Nana!

3) I love the dollar bins at Target! My recent purchases from the bins may have included plastic pink flamingos (1 for me and 1 for a friend). :)

4) The "puzzle" that we're waiting on for completion - well, lets just say that there's no new developments, good or bad and we just continue to wait. Please continue to pray for us as waiting is wearing greatly on the hubs and I.

5) And last, but not least, I've become addicted to Words with Friends! It all started when I lost my phone (which I later found) and had to use hub's first generation iPhone (which I'm still proudly using). I'm no techie so this first generation is a nice way to slowly ease me in to the current decade. The hope is when the new iPhone comes out, I'll get hubby's 4th gen. one. Anywhoo, I typically have at least 4 games going at a time and I'd love to play you...


Anonymous said...

Nana, I care enough to read your blog!!! And I love to hear your musings. Kudos to Andy! Love you, mimi