Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter. Instead she was found guilty for misleading police officers. She will be sentenced on Thursday and, since she has already spent 3 yrs in jail, will probably be free to leave. It's hard to swallow. A beautiful little girl was killed in a tragic way far, far too young and there is still no justice for Caylee. Casey alone knows what truly happened, and she will have to live with that knowledge - accident, murder, planned, spur of the moment.

However, as we celebrated freedom yesterday, I've had to think about the wonderful freedom we have in this country to a right to a trial instead of being punished based on opinion. So while I cringe that it seems like Casey has gotten off free and clear when she shouldn't have, I am thankful to live in a country where we still have the right to a fair trial. A country that seeks truth and justice, even when that truth and justice seems very skewed.

And I'm also reminded that I am like Casey. I too have lied. I also have done wrong. I have sinned, and I am no better than she is. I've never harmed a child or a loved one; I've never done anything "bad" or worthy of going to jail for, but I have sinned. And God sees all sin equal. So I am humbled. Because while my sinful flesh wants to be angry that an innocent child is left without justice and a woman who has lied repeatedly is not being held accountable, my Jesus reminds me that He alone is why I have any good in me. So I will choose prayer over outrage - prayers for Casey and her family and those involved in Caylee's death, and prayers of thankfulness that Christ saved a sinner like me.


Anna said...

Love your outlook.