Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big step

Today I took a big step. I sent an email taking a break from church choir until after Reed is here. Doesn't sound big does it? But for me? Well in that case it's monumental, gigantic, humongous, grand canyon, mount Everest big. See I have a problem. It's a fear of decommitment. Commitment is easy for me. I say something and I'm usually good for it regardless. But that also means I struggle to say no. I struggle to discern what I can do vs what I should do.

So today I decommitted. Today I made the prudent choice which was to take a break from choir, gain an hr and a half of time and rest. Rest is proving to be a tough but really good lesson I'm learning. I'm learning to relax and weigh decisions instead of on whether I am capable and should do something and instead ask if it's in the best interest of all involved, including me.

Reed is already making a difference on this mom :)


Annie said...

I have a problem with that too :( ... and I can't for the life of me tell someone no! SO CONGRATS!!! Thats a huge step! You go girl!