Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That Stage

Apparently, I'm at that stage in my pregnancy. The stage where people feel they can freely stare at my girth. The stage where wives can elbow their husbands and say look at how huge her stomach is (in a foreign language no less) and the husbands eyes bug out. The stage where people can ask me if I'm having twins. The stage where people let me skip to the front of almost every bathroom line (There are perks!) The stage where apparently no one else works this close to their due date so people at work say every morning "oh, you're still here". The stage where apparently most pregnant women put on a mumu and stay in the house eating bonbons and wearing fuzzy slippers while watching tv.

Yeah, apparently I'm at that stage.


Anonymous said...

LOL I love reading your blogs dear! Keep your sense of humor if possible. This too shall pass..........eventually. :) mommie

Anonymous said...