Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thirty on Thursday

  1. Reed is 6 weeks old today
  2. We've started using a pacifier sometimes
  3. I'm not sure how I feel about this still, but it calms him down so I'll get over my own issues I guess
  4. I'm 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight!
  5. Yesterday and today I'm happy to say I'm wearing jeans with buttons and zippers!!! No more stretchy pants!
  6. I wore pearls yesterday and was asked by a church member where I was going all dolled up. I told her I was celebrating wearing real pants
  7. She didn't know how to respond. :)
  8. I bought new clothes from Old Navy the other day
  9. The order included my first ever pair of skinny jeans!
  10. This kid goes through clothes and bibs way faster than I thought possible
  11. He would probably go through less if I could handle leaving him in an outfit that is only slightly blemished by spit up (but its just so gross!!)
  12. I finally gave in to my craving for raw cookie dough and bought some last night
  13. It was delicious!!!
  14. I have to go to the Social Security Office today :/
  15. Apparently Reed's SS info should have been here a month ago but it's still a no show so the only way to get it is to go in person to my local office
  16. It should be quite the family affair as Andy has agreed to spend his day off going there with me
  17. Andy is the greatest husband - no seriously! He's great with helping me with this kiddo!
  18. VBS has been this week and Reed and I have gone a couple days to help out. We've had over 60 kids which is AWESOME for our small church!
  19. I've been working on curtains for our room this week. Is it bad if I'm hot gluing everything (including the seams!) instead of sewing?? Sorry tried to get me to sew!
  20. I can sew, I just don't own one or have a place to set up my MIL's.
  21. My cooking skills are atrophying I'm afraid. I haven't cooked more than 3 meals in the past 3-4 weeks. 
  22. We have had some people bring us meals though, and we've eaten other places so it hasn't just been fast food/frozen pizza.
  23. The Olympic events that I care about should be shown earlier in the evening. I have a newborn NBC!! Show the swimming and gymnastics before 10pm please!!!
  24. I love the Olympics though! So fun
  25. I miss Memphis lately- but I'm so glad to not be there with all the crazy heat they've been having!
  26. This next week and a half Andy has taken off for vacation and we've been thinking up some fun stuff for us to do as a trio. 
  27. It's much needed after Andy's crazy summer schedule and before I go back to work and Reed starts daycare
  28. I am soooo not ready to go back to work - I could get used to this!!
  29. It's hard to think of thirty points - darn my need for alliteration sometimes!!! 
  30. But I did it!! :) Have a great week!