Saturday, June 1, 2013


I want a genie...but he'd give me more than 3 wishes (because this is my blog and it can be that way!) So today is my wishes would be:

1) sushi - lots of it, getting in my belly right this minute
2) a garden & compost pile
3) no back pain
4) to escape the fishbowl of life (buying a house, being a ministry wife, and more are all contributing to this phenomenon right now!
5) a clear calendar
6) my newest potential business adventure to work out flawlessly...more on that later
7) to sleep in without fear of waking up to a crying baby who's just starving :)
8) debt to paid off
9) to travel the east coast

What are your genie wishes?


Shelby said...

I'm jumping on the no back-or-anywhere-else pain wagon with ya!

Wishing I could celebrate Reed's b'day with you guys!

A REAL vacation.

A diagnosis.