Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2 going on 12

I asked Reed about "school" today. He goes to MDO and loves it. I only know he loves it bc he cheers every time we pull into church and gets excited most every time I ask if he wants to go to school.

I hear that his school friends come home talking about Reed this or So & So that. Not Reed. In fact today I wanted to know a little more about So & So*. I ask if So & So was his friend, nice, mean, kind, funny, if he shared, etc. He said "no" to it all. I waited a minute, changed the order of the questions, and he said "yes" to it all. I asked if C was his friend, if D was his friend, and if So & So was his friend. The first two are his friends for sure, but he said "no" to all 3. 

So then I asked if Reed played today. This was our conversation: 

Me: did you play today?
Reed: no
M: did you sit still all day?
R: no
M: so what did you play with?
R : ...stone cold silence... 
M: did you play with blocks?
R: yeah 
M: did you play with stickers?
R: yeah 
M: did you play with playdough?
R: yeah 
M: did you play with a chainsaw?
R: yeah

Moral(s) of the story:

1) My kid will answer whichever way he thinks I want to hear 

2) He already hates talking to me about his day 

3) our MDO is better than yours bc they play with chainsaws**

* not child's actual name
**they don't really play with chainsaws


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