Monday, September 15, 2014

Real life is...

Real life is tip toeing through the house at 6:45am so Reed won't know I'm awake yet. I have 30 things on my to do list but once he's awake it all seems unimportant

Real life is giving Reed a bath only when he asks for it because bath time is never less than 45 minutes and at 8 o clock at night we just don't have time for that... It's moms bedtime 

Real life is waking up looking forward to nap time because every mom knows that's the most productive hour or two we'll have all day!

Real life is reading a magazine next to the diaper genie (without your glasses) bc Reed wants you near him during bath time, but I better not acknowledge him because he's busy playing with Ducky and Shark...

Real life is more tv time than I'd like...but how do you resist after you've heard "turtles PLEASE!" a bajillion times? Plus he's just so happy watching them