Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's been the best of days, it's been the worst of days. Not really but it has been rough. Anyway, here are today's "Worst & Best"....its always better to end on a positive note


  • seeing a cockroach at work this morning
  • dealing with people who can't seem to listen
  • having work shoved in my face without so much as a please
  • ordering the wrong binders
  • ordering the wrong heart-shaped boxes
  • having it rain while leaving Staples
  • gross mexican food (thanks for trying Becca!)
  • having people be grouchy everywhere I turn

and my favorite because its not too bad...

  • getting a Dove "Promises" message that read "Keep believing in yourself and your special dreams"...even Dove chocolate thinks my dreams are retarded. Thanks a lot :)


  • not squealing at the cockroach
  • being good and going all week without a fast-food breakfast
  • cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone
  • laughing with Becca about the computer guy
  • trying to get Becca or Joy to count the computer guy in their Mr. Right Challenge (visit and to find out more)
  • hearing my boss' comments on the idea of one of the above dating the computer guy...hilarious!
  • snagging an incredible pic of the computer guy in a very stealthy way
  • being strong in resisting the urge for a cherry coke

and my favorite from this list...

  • I get to see Andy in a mere hour and 15 minutes!