Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We've been very busy recently, and I have a feeling we're just about to get a little more crazy. Dad is in town for 4 more days and Friday we're going out on the boat. Not sure about Saturday, but it will definitely involved water and the sun :) Sunday he heads out, and Monday we start our weekly Bible studies for the Student Ministry.

I'm really excited about these Bible studies. Andy will lead the guys and I'll lead the girls. I haven't had the chance to teach in so long, that I'm thrilled about the girls study - even to the point that I've already planned the first lesson, and have a general lesson plan for the remaining ones. I'm going to try to post the general lesson on here for anyone interested.

Beyond that, we have VBS the end of June and I'm in charge (with the help of 2 others) of decorating the entire sanctuary in a bayou theme for Crocodile Dock. This should be lots of fun! Unfortunately I can't help with the actual VBS, but at least I have a part. Our students are participating ahead of time by going through neighborhoods hanging door-hangers for VBS. It'll be the first "outreach" thing we have done since coming here 3 1/2 months ago so I'm interested to see who shows up.

Also, anyone reading this can be praying about job stuff for me. I work for two ministries in one, and one half of my job is federally funded. Well, our grant money is scheduled to end October 1 (thanks Obama!) but may end sooner if we don't get some wrinkles ironed out. So please pray that God would give our Directors wisdom regarding future plans for Life Impact Network. Abstinence education in public schools is much needed, so hopefully we will be able to continue to be a voice speaking truth in Hillsborough County schools.