Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last night was the continuation of our "Royalty" series by the pool. I put the notes up sometime this week, but for now I want to talk about what happened afterward.

After the Bible study, the girls and I jump in the pool for some monkey in the middle action and we're having a great time. I had forgotten to take my wedding rings off before heading down for the study, so I simply took them off before I jumped in the water, and tucked them under a fold in my tank top so no one would see. Unfortunately, I didn't see them either when I got back out.
I didn't give it a thought. I put my tank top on, walked the girls to their car, and headed back upstairs to fold some laundry and wait for Andy to return home. Andy and I decided we really wanted a milkshake and that Steak N Shake was calling our name. While leaving Steak N Shake, I suddenly had the epiphany! My rings!!!!!!! That's right, I had let them fall carelessly to the ground near the pool and 3 hours later realized it.

We headed back home ASAP and went to the pool. It was all locked up for the night so we began scheming of ways to get over the fence and get them. Andy even carried a huge ladder from our 3rd story apartment halfway to the pool before I stopped him (realizing that we could be arrested AND evicted should we be caught on video). All night long I paniced, sleeping quite pitifully.
Around 7:30 this morning, I went back to the pool, and thankfully it had already been unlocked! After almost stepping on my engagement ring, I found them both on the ground, safe and sound. Praise the Lord! They are now on my finger and all is right with the world!