Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There are those moments, and sometimes days, when you discover things about yourself that you were never aware of. I've had several of these lately, none of which require details, but which do require acknowledgment. These events have been ones that at times have flipped my world upside down and have made me reconsider how I do things. It seems that within just a couple of days, several things I had simply assumed would be true and had taken for granted, slipped through my fingertips, because ultimately, they weren't up to me.

Discovery is defined by as
1 a: to make known or visible 2 a: to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time.

Nowhere do you see discovery as a painful thing. Nowhere do you read discovery to imply tears, sadness. Only to imply a new awareness of something. So as I have been in the unwelcomed habit of discovering some things lately, I must attempt to look past the frustration, buried pain, and sadness, and simply become aware.The word "aware' is synonymous with "alive" and "awake. It's defined as
"vigilance in observing or alertness in drawing inferences from what one experiences."

So it seems that in the little dive into discovery I seem to be making as of late, I must become alive and awake...vigilant in observing and alert when inferring things about others. I must take these discoveries in stride, not frustrated at what I cannot change, but diligent in ensuring these events result in positive behaviors when I interact with others in similar ways.

On a side note, the reason for a lack of blogging recently has been based on my new busy schedule and a funk that I am beginning to emerge from. Hopefully from now on, I will be slightly more diligent. :)