Friday, July 24, 2009

Today, I went to work. Things seemed normal until around noon-ish. Suddenly a loud siren (similar to Memphis tornado sirens) started going off. Then a large voice booming across campus from the outside in, started saying "Emergency alert. Gunman on campus. Please go inside and lock doors. Emergency alert." YIKES! I mean I know I work at a University and crazy things happen at schools, but really? In my second week there we're being put on lockdown for a gunman on campus!? Needless to say I was in shock for a bit, especially when the incident was taking place not that far from us. Lock down lasted 2 hours during which the following things occurred...

  • staying away from windows
  • seeing 4 sheriff and police helicopters (yes I know this contradicts with the point above)
  • having said helicopters circle our building and surrounding parking lots continuously for 1.5 hours
  • Not knowing for certain why the helicopters were hovering over your building and parking lots or if the gunman had moved from the original location
  • Not getting any e-mail updates from USF
Very scary. Very frustrating. Especially frustrating when the evening news informed me that not only was the gunman not caught, but they're not sure there ever really was one. It might have all been a hoax! Ridiculous!

It's bizarre to me that I had to leave Memphis, one of the most dangerous cities, to be put on lockdown because of an alleged gunman. How was your Friday??


Ivanka said...

Sounds more amusing than my day. Other then the brief moment spent with ya'll at the park, which was the highlight of my day, I spent the whole day in my room sleeping and sweating to death. Now the solution may be as simple as leaving my room, but there's nothing to do outside of it and there wasn't anything going on today. Plus, my mom was out there cleaning and I was doing my best to avoid the same old rant and rave "YOU NEVER HELP ME CLEAN *slur of Spanish madness*". :P

Ivanka said...

I failed to mention the AC in just my room, for some reason, doesn't work. =\