Thursday, August 27, 2009


I went to go buy a hat at my local sports store in the mall. Y'know the type, they sell shoes primarily, but they venture into selling tshirts and basketballs. They also have hats. I wore my headphones in, so I wouldn't get the "hassle" from the store attendants. Much to my chagrin THAT DID NOT WORK! The woman asked me what I was shopping for so I told her hats, she spieling about how they're buy 1 get 1 half off. This was ok. I didn't mind her asking me all of those questions. I wanted to just look at my hats. She wasn't happy with that! UGH! She asked what team I was looking for and pointed out every bulls hat on the rack. [at which point I wanted to scream, "I'M NOT BLIND LADY! I CAN SEE THE HATS!"] I promptly began ignoring her, after pointing out the one hat I came in for, which she was unable to see. [ha!] Then she proceeds to stand and HOVER while I'm looking. Well I told her I'd be a few minutes, she said ok and walked off, not before showing me the mirror, if I wanted to see it. Great...she's leaving, I thought, Now I can actually look at the hats on my own time. Little did I know I was wrong. She came back twice more, and as if that weren't enough, 3 of her coworkers did as well. At this point I was so frustrated I contemplated leaving the store, but they had an exclusive hat I really wanted.

Why were they checking on me so much. Did they think I would steal one? All of the hats had anti-theft devices, and were way too big to fit in my pocket. [Especially the ones that would actually fit on my head!] When I finally made my decision, I had to wait, for the cashier to get there. GRR! If you're going to hover, at least let me pay and get out of there. Apparently the girl got some commission, because the 5th employee who actually rang me up, asked if "Girl #1" was who helped me. Needless to say, I couldn't be happier to be out of there. I just love [to hate] pesky sales people. AAHHHH!!! I feel better now.This all took place in a matter of 15 minutes!!

Do you like my new hats?