Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am running a 5k! In a mere 12 days (Sept. 20th) I will be running my first ever race! Now, I probably won't run the entire thing - although that would be incredible! Also, the race is supporting money for awareness of the need of organ and tissue donation in Florida.

I have several goals surrounding this race. 1) I want to run/walk it in under an hour. 2) I do want to run at least half of the race. 3) I plan on going to Sunday School and church after finishing (and showering of course!)

Please pray that my knees and hips cooperate. I ran/walked the distance on the treadmill today in 47 minutes, so I know I can do it, but if its a bad joint day, then I'm not sure how my speed will be. Regardless, I'm thrilled to be running this 5k!


Becca Christensen said...

Get it Girl! And your comments are wooorking. Yay.


Candace said...

yay rachel.... if I could run 10 minutes I'm doing real well! So you def. get Mrs. Jerkins gold star!