Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Monday,

You are such a topsy-turvy day! You think you're so clever for being able to throw me off don't you? What have you done to me today?

First, the air conditioning went out in the apartment. It became quite unbearable at 3 this morning. But, dear Monday, you didn't stop there! No, instead you allowed people to hang out in the parking lot below from 4-4:30am. Then, while checking my mail, I was reminded its Columbus Day. Who cares you ask? Me, dear Monday. I cared, because I was supposed to bring Tiramisu to work today in honor of Columbus' heritage. So, I hurridly started mixing and beating to make my dessert, when I realized I needed 3 more packages of cream cheese (because Monday's goal is apparently to make me gain weight!) Thankfully I have a sweet husband to compensate for your cruelty, Monday. He ran to the store and bought me the missing ingredients and was back home before his scheduled alarm.

While rinsing the bowl of creamy goodness, I turned on the garbage disposal. Oh Monday! A knife, albeit a very dull one thankfully, started down the tornado towards Disposal Land and began bruising my finger while I frantically pulled my hand away while finding the switch to turn it off...but not before the garbage disposal violently chewed the poor unsuspecting knife!

But Monday, because you are so topsy-turvy, I got some great news as I was about to leave work! (Readers, you have to wait for said good news until all is finalized...but believe me, its great news!)

Then I learned the air is still not fixed at the apartment.

So here I sit, Monday, typing on my computer at Starbucks, still trying to gain my wits about me. Do you have any other curveballs to throw at me? I sure hope not. Keep your tricks up your sleeve for an additional week. Please!



Candace said...

I have good new for you.... it's now Tuesday. Just remember every bad Monday always has a Tuesday. :)

Rachel said...

So true! And I've been thinking of all your goodies you make and I think perhaps, just maybe I should get the peppermint sweets and the golden grahams goodness recipes from you.

Candace said...

I totally had to make those names up b/c I don't think those treats actually have names. So it's funny to hear you call them that. :)

-Peppermint Sweets: melt white almond bark, add crushed peppermint, stir, spoon out on wax paper to harden. So easy and yet so delicious!

-I'll have to get back with you on the gg goodness. I can't remember that one!