Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 Things Tuesday...

1) No running for me today. Instead I laid in bed all day long sick as a dog.

2) I actually went to the doctor this morning, which I rarely ever do! I thought for sure I had strep throat, but I don't. Just a severe cold. Ugh.

3) Tonight I had Five Guys for the first time! I thought I was feeling much better, so I got Andy to take me out for a quick dinner. Very yummy, although VERY unhealthy.

4) After Five Guys, I convinced Andy to take me to Target to get some hair color...at this point I was still feeling pretty good. I did get a great color (a light honey brown color), but started feeling terrible shortly after arriving at Target. Bummer.

5) Tomorrow I'm supposed to dress up like Mrs. Potts for a children's storytime at work...here's hoping I feel well enough for doing that.

6) I might be addicted to watching L.A. Ink. I watched 7.5 hrs of it today thanks to Netflix....admitting it is the first step, right?

7) I only drink Sprite when I'm sick. Anyone else like this? I think it has to do with the fact that when I was really sick as a kid, mom made me "nibble on Saltines and sip Sprite". So now when I fill sick, I crave Sprite and saltines.

8) Sunday I tried a new recipe for "Honey Cake". Man was it delicious!! I'll post the recipe on here later this week. It kind of tastes like a sweet spice cake. It's a very detailed process, but well worth it!

9) Avril Lavigne might be the worst guest judge on American Idol that I've ever seen. She's terrible tonight!

10) I may end up changing this to 9 Things Tuesday because the 10th one always gets me. :)


Anonymous said...

when i "fill" sick?

Crystal said...

I so agree about Avril.

I had forgoten that "five guys" was a resturant, so #3 sounded a little wierd the 1st time i read it.