Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

1) still sick - taking amoxicillan (sp?) and hoping this will knock out all this junk! being sick for 3 weeks is NO fun!

2) My birthday is 5 days away! As a gift, Andy arranged for my best friend (besides Andy of course!) to come and see me all the way from Virginia!!! She'll be here for a weekend in March and I can hardly wait!

3) 5 days from now is also Valentines Day. So Saturday I'm planning a fun picnic for Andy and I -at the beach! Unfortunately, it's supposed to be below 50 degrees that day which means a bit chilly by the water - oh well!

4) This weekend I'm excited to be taking a handful of our girls to their very first girls lock-in!!! The bummer is that I have to work all day on Friday and won't have a chance to nap before heading to the lock-in. But hopefully it'll totally be worth it!!!

5) Also in the works for this weekend is me baking 5 dozen cookies. Whew! What a crazy weekend.

6) It seems like these days everyone I know is preggers...it's a much odder phenomenon than when all your friends are getting engaged.

7) Puff Plus with Vicks are the greatest invention!

8) I tried on 5 dresses tonight while at Target - different styles, same size. 3 were too tight and 2 were big and thus very unflattering! And of course with my luck, they didn't have the size above or below respectively, so no dress for me tonight. Bummer...they have the cutest teal dress!

9) I think I want/need a new slipcover for our couch. Any ideas about good places to get one - don't like the ones at Target, but haven't looked anywhere else. Thoughts?

10) Looking for an area rug. It's a challenge - either they're too expensive, or they look too oriental, or too flowery, or too early 90's, or to art deco-y, or too small, or too massive, or too fuzzy, or not soft enough, etc. Here's hoping I'm successful soon!


Ehrenfelds said...


We have had GREAT luck with Target and Target.com for area rugs! As for slip covers I think Bed Bath and Beyond has a pretty good selection and so does Overstock.com.

hippie mommie said...

Lol! Well, what kind of area rug are you looking for? I think you may have ruled every style out. :)

Feel better!

Rachel said...

ha! Sarah you might be right. I guess I'm not sure quite what I want - but I'll know it when I see it. :)

Maria said...

BELOW 50 degrees?!?!?! you poor thing. I am hoping it it above 34 tomorrow. Ok, I may have to read your post again because I got stuck on that. I want to live in a warm place.

p.s. I also got thrown off when you used "preggers" in a post and read it twice to make sure it was not you. :)