Monday, February 15, 2010

The day of numbers...

24 - years old now - hello mid-twenties!
1 - year since I moved to Florida
3 - Valentines Days I've spent with Andy
25 - peanut M&M's I've eaten in the last hr
3.2 - miles I'll run in just a couple of weeks at my...
3(rd) - 5k since October
2 - weeks I'm celebrating tonight - so proud of my precious student who's overcoming the strongholds in her life!!!!
3 - books I have floating in my head that I long to get out on paper!
4 - cakes/cupcakes made for me on my birthday!
6 - things checked off my work to-do list
a gazillion - things on my home to-do list
8 - hours my sweet husband has already spent at the hospital today comforting a friend/church member
1 - months until my best friend comes to Tampa for a visit!
6 - windows that need curtains in my home - wish I wasn't so cheap and would just go ahead and buy some!
2 - inches of water still in my fridge because the maintenance at my apartment can't seem to get their act together!
28 - minutes until work is officially over for the day!


Crystal said...

find some flat sheets you like, cut slits in the wide top edge (at each end) and you have a simple window covering till you have time to do something else.
my mom did this all the time when we were kids.