Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There is a craving in my heart today - and I don't mean like the craving for Pringles like I also have right now! :)

There is a desire that reaches to the depths of my soul.
A craving for solitude and rest. A longing for a quiet park and a notebook and pen. A stretch of open road to drive down. A desire to redecorate. A longing to start again. An inexplicable void that I'm not sure how to fill it.

Is it dissatisfaction? Is it that I'm unfulfilled? Is it because I am pouring out yet not getting filled back up? Is it because of the proverbial doors and windows of my life are closed tight?

I think it's all this and more. What can lift me up and satisfy my soul? Yes, the Lord alone can truly satisfy - but isn't there something I can do? Perhaps a getaway would help, or at least a break in this teacup ride of life I'm on.

I'm currently hearing Anne's voice in my head singing "Who Can Satisfy" and I feel a little peace come fill a sliver of this void.