Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ten Things Thursday...

1) a sweet friend gave me a birthday gift today - $100 to go buy curtains with!!! Thank you!!!!

2) I now have to find inexpensive hardware since I found all my curtains today!

3) I've discovered that while I love the "coffehouse" color scheme of dark browns, burgundy, etc they make me very contemplative and only increase my melancholy nature... thus I'm working on brightening my house!

4) I've slacked off running for the past several weeks because of being sick and last week's girl's lock-in. I have a race coming up a week from Saturday though, so hopefully this week I'll get back in the swing of it!

5) My goal time for the race is 42 minutes - although I'd love to do it in 40 or less. We'll see...

6) I have a new love for "bird" things - no I don't mean binoculars and bird feeders. I mean wall decor, table accents, etc with bird silhouette's on it. Found this cute item today at Wal-mart for just $8!
7) Andy surprised me by cleaning the bathtub today! A chore I loathe is now checked off the list!

8) I really enjoy the buffalo chicken pizza from CiCi's - good stuff! Unhealthy but good!

9) Saturday I'm going clothes shopping - hoping I'll be successful at picking out "big girl" clothes so that maybe I won't be confused for a high school kid.

10) That's right - when I went to the doctor last week for different antibiotics, the doctor asked me if I needed a pass to get back to school. I just looked at him and finally he stammered..."or work..." I informed him my boss knew I was at the doctor and a pass wasn't necessary. Sheesh! I'm told I'll appreciate this one day - today is not that day...


Anonymous said...
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Crystal said...

enjoy the young look, it won't last forever. As for finding "big girl" clothes, I still have to buy my shoes in the tween section, cuz they rarely make my size in womens.
let us see pics of these "big girl" cloes