Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Will I ever?

Will I ever stop reminiscing? Will I ever be able to enjoy being here...

I'm not necessarily talking big things. I'm talking not liking the layout of Wal-mart. Or wishing there was a Hobby Lobby. Or wanting Sonic and not having to drive 20 minutes past my house to get some. I find myself reminiscing about hearing the obnoxious music from Incredible Pizza Company from our apartment, and Red Robin's strawberry lemonade (I've resorted to making my own.) I wish I could be stuck in traffic on Germantown Parkway instead of the interstate, although I do not miss the crazy 40-240-40-240 loop or Malfunction Junction. I long for familiar. Or friends. Or both! I remember the days of walking into church and feeling I fit. Those were good days - but they're not meant to be these days I guess. In Memphis I'd drive 30 minutes with no problem to go someplace. Here, 15 minutes seems like I've gone into another state! I miss backroads - it's crazy difficult to take backroads anywhere in Brandon!

There are things I enjoy - the beach, the weather, the sun, my job. But these do not satisfy me when I get to reminiscing. It's only been a year; but a year should have me a little more adjusted than I currently am. When I lived in Iowa for a summer, I felt at home within 1 month! So why is this different?

Any suggestions?


Candace said...

ok... this is profound info. so watch out...

He's trying to teach you something.

TRUST, REST, ABIDE in Him alone.

(clearly I was being sarcastic at first... it's hard to do that on the computer and it make sense.)

Praying for you!

hippie mommie said...

I'm sorry you're feeling this way, Dear! I hope it starts looking up for you soon!
*Romans 8:28*