Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1) I've been sick for a week now, and I'm so ready to be over it!

2) My new favorite item of clothing is my purple linen pants from Victoria's Secret! It's a nice touch that they match my purple Nike running shoes. (It's not the best pic but you get the idea!)

3) Work was insane today - filling out forms for travel reimbursement is always full of crazy adventures, but today presented some especially unique ones. But I do love it!

4) Our church does a bake sale benefitting the Senior Adults ministry every Super Bowl Sunday. I'm baking a "stadium" cake, which means lots of fun, detailed frosting to make the cake look SuperBowl ready featuring colors and logos of both the Colts and Saints! Hopefully it brings in a lot of money for the Senior Adults!

5) If I ever had loads of money, I don't think I would hire a housekeeper, I would simply hire a launderer - someone who keeps up with my laundry. I can do the rest OK.

6) Today I learned that there are apparently several groundhogs which determine the amount of winter left. Phil is the best known, but Chuck from Staten Island actually has a much better track record. Then there's a few more, who really are more like B-list groundhogs...local heros but not really on the map.

7) In case you're wondering, Phil saw his shadow,but Chuck (again much better track record!) did not see his shadow.

8) I'm so ready for Florida to be warm again, so that I can get back into the pool and maybe get a tan!!!

9) I tried dying my hair the other day, and while it turned out fine - it wasn't nearly the drastic change that I'd hoped for. So, do I have to wait for this dye to wash out or can I dye on top of this? Anyone?

10) Andy finally has his '68 Impala up and running (hopefully for a long, long time!!) This means for the first time since October 2008 we are officially a 2 car family!!!! I've forgotten what this even feels like!


Maria said...

Wow! Congratulation on the two cars now! No idea about the hair dye thing sorry.