Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eight Things Tuesday

*I can't think of 2 more things, but I wanted to blog...

1) I love the Cosby Show! Andy gave me season's 1 & 2 for my birthday and I love watching it! Classic.

2) Work was exhausting today!

3) I tried creating a veggie quesadilla last night - it was good in theory, but not the best. I'll try again another night.

4) I thought a hurricane was going to come through today the way the palm trees were blowing all around. Crazy weather - yesterday was warm and sunny, today back to cold and stormy!

5) I'm wanting to brighten up my home for Spring - any ideas? Most of my house is in darker colors, but I want my home to be bright and cheery for Spring and Summer.

6) I'm ready for the weather to brighten up as well - looking forward to getting a tan (or trying to), running outside daily, longer days, etc.

7) Yesterday I tried making a new twist on Wedding Cookies. Unfortunately, they look quite pitiful, made only half the recipe and were a disappointment. Southern Living is usually quite good with recipes. Trying to figure out where they went wrong.

8) Literally just ran out of my apartment and halfway down the stairs because the neighborhood kids were SCREAMING - I thought someone had gotten run over. No, they were just joking around. Oh kids..