Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

1) My husband is fantastic and amazing! I come home from a long day at work to discover that he has cleaned - I mean SPOTLESS! - our bedroom and hung the curtains in our bedroom! What a relief!

2) We now have curtains hung on all the windows in the apartment except the guest bedroom! Yippee! It now feels home-y :)

3) Speaking of home...anyone else who works full-time struggle with balancing your home and husband and work? It's getting a tad easier but still can be overwhelming at times

4) I'm about to try to bake something yummy (and green) for St. Patrick's day tomorrow. Thinking about cookies, or cupcakes, or something...who knows!

5) Speaking of baking, Sunday I went into the kitchen to make my every faithful chocolate chip cookies and to attempt an apple cobbler from scratch. The cookies were completely inedible!! - I blame it on not quite enough butter and being very frustrated with a conversation I had just had (not with Andy).

6) The cobbler on the other hand was not too bad! The cobbler dough was a little bland, but the apples were delicious!

7) I achieved my first 2 goals with my Nike + and finished my first Nike + Challenge! I completed 30 miles in 4 weeks and 4,000 calories in 4 weeks! And I ran 10 miles in under 10 days!

8) Andy says the above achievements make me a "runner". Do you guys agree? Can I qualify as a runner? It sounds so... outlandish! I mean I have horrible joints and regularly have pain in all of my lower body...so me? a Runner? Let me know your thoughts!

9) My job has 6 fundraisers/events in the next 2 months! a week from Saturday we kick off the "season" with a Health Symposium. Currently we have 280 people registered and 36 vendors and screeners for this 4 hour event. Oh wow!

10) My best friend was supposed to be in town this coming weekend. Sadly that didn't work out so we're trying to reschedule, but the silver lining is that I get to run my 2nd 5k of the year (4th one total)! Yahoo for the Strawberry Classic - complete with strawberry shaped finisher's medals :)


hippie mommie said...

Yay for curtains! And husbands who clean!

And, yes, I think that qualifies you as a runner!

By the way- check my blog tomorrow. I have a little something for you. :)