Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1) I finally tried making some of Bakerella's red velvet cake pops. They were edible and well received (by everyone except the hubs) but not especially pretty. Something to work on!

2) This week I've been working on painting a series of purses. My coworker asked me if I would paint 3 10x10 canvases for her friend's daughter's nursery. Apparently the mom loves purses so my coworker thought it'd be a cute baby gift. I think I'm pleased with the result, but I'm not sure. I'm uber critical of my own work.

3) Our fundraiser for work is OVER! 54 auction items to collect, make bid sheets for, display, monitor and ultimately distribute to the winners. WOW! Add to that the issues with the food being delivered, crazy stalker guys, and more and it was a long night! But very successful!

4) I love Alfred Hitchcock movies! Andy has a collection of about 12 Hitchcock movies...so good!

5) I simply must get back into the habit of running. After my 15k my schedule went bizerk so now I need to start making myself. If only it hadn't rained the other day, then the water would be warm enough to swim in!

6) Speaking of rain, it stormed so bad the other night! We have 5 huge windows all lining the exterior wall of our apartment. 1 in our bedroom, 3 in the living room, and 1 in the guest bedroom. Even with curtains over the windows, the lightning was still bright enough and frequent enough to make it look like a Strobe light show in our place! Difficult to sleep through that. Add to that the largest boom of thunder I've ever heard and you should've seen Andy and I! You know in cartoons where something happens and the character sits straight up in bed and then clings to the nearest person or object? Well that definitely happened! Andy and I were both very startled!!

7) Ever since I had friends affected by the tornadoes several years ago in Jackson at Union, I'm a little more cautious with tornado watches and warnings. The rain the other night was accompanied by a tornado watch so we got dressed, put shoes on, Andy grabbed his wallet and I grabbed my license, and we then located the hand-crank flashlight (best thing ever!) and all the candles we had (and a lighter). We were prepared - thankfully, nothing happened that actually required our preparedness!

8) I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a terrible shopper. Whether it's clothes, shoes, or groceries - I'm just bad at it. When I shop for clothes, I don't ever browse. Shoes - I can go through all the shoes at DSW faster than most can try on a shoe! It's not that I don't like getting clothes and shoes, I just don't know how to enjoy the process! Well, groceries are the same way. People talk all about the great recipes they made the night before and it sounds so delish! So they give me the recipe and it never gets made. Why? Because I don't take the recipes to the store with me, and so I end up buying the same 50 things every time with no variety! How do I break myself of this??

9) Andy's birthday was Friday - so I threw him a small surprise party and baked him a cake (in addition to buying him Final Cut Express which he's wanted for a while!). A love
s carrot cake, and he also loves Back to the Future. So I made him the "Jailbird Joey Cake" from Back to the Future. If you don't remember it, don't feel bad - it's only mentioned/on screen for about 5 seconds.

10) To end tonight's blog, I wanted to introduce you to HelmetGuy (aka my husband's alter ego). This started last season at the USF Football games - Andy asked if I could paint his head like a helmet. I said sure. And thus, HelmetGuy was born. Frat boys toast their beers to him, kids love him, old people point and stare - it's hysterical to watch. It takes me about 1 1/2 hours to paint it on, but then it stays pretty well. Anyway, the spring game was last week and Andy won a contest that allowed us to have complete access to the field before and during the game. So of course HelmetGuy came out. Only this time, A became like the second mascot. Everytime he walked by they cheered "HelmetGuy!" repeatedly. It's a trip! Hopefully this picture makes you smile...goodnight!


Annie said...

haha... very funny. Andy kinda reminds me of my brother when you mentioned "helmet guy". Sounds like a Josh Gray move.

I enjoyed reading your fun blog :) :)

Renee said...

Rachel - I was always a terrible shopper, too. I think what kept me from enjoying it was the lack of money for anything that I really wanted. Another thing was I always seemed to be by myself. The I started making a little more money, and that helped. Then I had a teenage daughter. It seems to have turned on some shopping electrons in my brain. Now I have to focus really hard to not just pull into Kohl's or Marshall's or Stein Mart when I drive by :)

Also, HelmetGuy is a hoot.

I love y'all!

Leann Andrews said...

Thank you for #10 on this post! It was not only funny, but it made me realize how much we love and miss you guys! Three cheers for "helmet guy"!!