Monday, April 26, 2010

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. I don't mean a glance at a person as they pass you in the grocery store - I mean when you see them day in and day out. For instance, I like wearing a denim jacket instead of a sweater. My hair is often pulled up, and if given the chance I'm wearing flip flops or are barefoot. All this could be taken as I'm pretty laid back and enjoy comfort over looking pretty.

You can tell even more about people when observing their house. They're lifestyle is woven all throughout the house, either for the better or the worse. Tonight, as I dropped off a student at her house after taking her to Starbucks, I was invited in the home for a minute. The things she had mentioned to me over coffee were verified as I stepped foot inside. I'm not saying if the house was clean, messy, organized, disorganized, decorated, not really decorated, or anything. It just fit everything she had said. Mannerisms were explained. Frustrations were validated. It was an interesting experience.

This got me thinking. How does my apartment describe me? Does it send off the welcoming, kick off your shoes vibe that I want? Does it instead say, I barely have time to sleep let alone clean this place? I assure you, it's been both of these extremes and everything in between from time to time, but overall, what story is my house telling?

I always want, messy or spotless, my place, my home, to be available. I want my home to describe me, just like my denim jacket does - comfy, not high maintenance. I want my home to be cozy to anyone who enters. As strange as it seems to say, I want my home to radiate the love of Christ to all who come for a visit. So that is what I will set my mind on... forget caring if my home is spotless. Instead I'll care that is open and available. That all those who enter feel and experience the love of Christ. For at the end of the day, at the end of our life, isn't that what matters?

What does your home say? When people enter, do they sense a peace and comfort? Or do they sense hectic, busy, cluttered lives? Do people enter a place where Christ resides, or do they enter a place of unrest and just barely hanging on?


Annie said...

good thoughts rachel!! I never have thought about that!! Really, thanks for those words... something to consider as I'm buying furniture and what not for the future Hendry pad :)

Rachel said...

Glad you liked it Annie :)

Candace said...

loved this! So encouraging. If I could I would just copy and paste this as a blog post on my blog... in fact I might...of course giving you all of the credit!