Monday, April 19, 2010

An enlightening experience at Borders...

That is what is taking place right now as I type. Tonight is a "Rachel night". Periodically, when life is stressful as it is this month, I need a night to myself and my husband is gracious enough to oblige. I get out of the house and wander.

Well since the Starbucks near home has no wi-fi, I ended up at Borders. I admit, I get lost in a bookstore. So many options, my mind can hardly focus! Fiction? Self-help? Books on crafts, photography, cooking? Where should I look?

I finally settled into the Cooking section...with the main thought being to find the Cake Wrecks book.. Sadly I didn't find this gem, but I found several others! One of them is this little beauty...

It's a delightful book with all sorts of ideas for cupcake designs...these ducks, karaoke mics, and so much more!

Seriously, if anyone wanted to send me a little pick-me-up or a "happy we're friends" gift - this would do the trick :)

Another fantastic book is this one!

It's full of great recipes - none of which take more than 20 minutes! Two of the recipes I took out of it already - the Cuban Fried Rice and the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. Can't wait to try these!

But I digress - see? I told you I get easily sidetracked in this place! Anyway, as I was reading, I came upon a book about nesting - you know, the female instinct to make things pretty and homey. I realized something when skimming this book. I feel guilty nesting. I feel guilty spending money on items for the home. I also feel like since we live in an apartment, I should wait to make it my home. Silly? yes. But its true. I've got ideas about where this guilt comes from: income, not being familiar with antique stores in the area, adjusting to a more expensive city, etc, etc, etc.

So as I made this new revelation, I thought how can I resolve this? Well, I've begun by getting rid of the plates I couldn't stand anymore. I've also made progress because I've accepted that richer "coffeehouse" shades while I love them, bring out my melancholy side which isn't good.

But what else can I do? I can't just do a complete upheaval of my house! So here's my list. I have no idea how long this new nesting adventure will take to complete but here's the list:

1)Get a new bed. Our bedframe recently broke (a funny story I should tell) so we need a new one anyway. Even if we get just a simple cheapo frame...I want to have a headboard and a completed look to our bed... I've had the idea of a door as a headboard for a while. Perhaps this is the time to make it happen!

2) Get an area rug. I found one a while ago. But when I went to buy it online, the sale has disappeared and I wouldn't dream of paying the full price of that rug!!!

3) A new couch. This should probably come before the rug - no it definitely should. But couches are expensive and I don't have the luck that Angie does to get a great deal on Craigslist! Ideas anyone?

4) Get more/different wall decor. This has been on my mental list for a while - but it simply must happen! I need to just visit the flea market and antique stores and find some cute inexpensive wall art.

Ok. So now I have a list. I've "verbalized" this list to hopefully give me a sense of accountability to make it happen! I really should overcome my guilt and just nest already!!!


Crystal said...

to cut down on guilt, take 10-20 dollars out of your paycheck each time store it in a safe place, Then when You find something you really want your not using house money, your using fun money, or nesting money.

as for the head board I have wanted a head board since we got married... it will be 6 years in July, still no head board.

Leann Andrews said...

Ok, here's a blog I follow and a while back she made a headboard for really cheap! Anyway, maybe it will give you some ideas.

You can go to goodwill and look for art pieces that you can re-do and redesign to make work for your rooms. Something I am going to do- make a cheap wooden frame, buy some cute material, stretch and staple it over the frame and hang...quick, simple and cheap art.
Another idea- cut out clippings from magazines of cool pictures, art etc and frame them.
For the couch idea...keep looking on craigslist!! Garage sales are always a good way to go too. In the mean time, try a slip cover on yours or some new throw pillows to change up the look.
I have SOOO many ideas!! Let me know if you need more!