Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

* Warning - it's not a very creative Ten Things

1) The library in Brandon has self-check out/check in machines! The librarians only have to shelve books now...crazy! I think it's pretty cool, except I keep wondering where people will work if we continue to replace them with machines.

2) I love Peeps! You know the marshmallows with sprinkles all on them? Yep, I might have had 1 1/2 boxes of them in the past 3 days.

3) Tomorrow I will be filmed while eating at a restaurant. This is part of an etiquette segment of an upcoming girls weekend at work. I will be filmed eating, as well as filmed while learning the basic rules of etiquette...who else finds it funny that I'm doing this?

4) I don't like bills.

5) I also don't like taxes.

6) I do, on the other hand, love that Andy's birthday is next week and I've got some fun things planned.

7) Tomorrow night, since its our kids spring break, we are having an all-nighter/lock-in after church. I will be in attendance. I still have to go to work on Thursday. And teach a Bible Study that Thursday night. Am I crazy? Probably, but I just love hanging out with these kids.

8) We have an amazing group of students. They are a resilient, loving group of kids who really want to please. Most of them haven't grown up in church, but they came because a friend invited. They are constant reminders that no one has to be defined by their home life, their family cycles of violence and addictions, or any other negative thing. Those things may shape a person, but they never have to define them!

9) I'm getting paid to paint! I've always thought it'd be neat if someone paid me to paint artwork for them, but never thought it'd happen! But I'm painting 3 10x10 canvases to go in a baby girls' room - it'll be 3 different styles of purses. Yay!

10) I bought new plates! Random - yes. But exciting! I've decided I want to have a blue and yellow kitchen (as opposed to the red and black kitchen I currently have). Target has some adorable melamine- that plastic stuff - plates and bowls that look like stoneware plates. I bought a total of 6 plates in yellow and blue and bowls in the blue. So fun!

The yellow and blue are the color of the plates and the bottom picture is the swirl on the inside of our bowls...


hippie mommie said...

I didn't know you painted! How cool!

Love the new dishes! They are so cute!

Maria said...

If you like peeps you may want to see this... http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Peeps-Sunflower-Cake

I think it is really cute