Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love weddings!

I loved my wedding. I love seeing how everyone's wedding is so unique to each couple. I love thinking and planning with friends about weddings.

Currently a dear friend of mine is engaged (although we have until March 5th before she becomes Mrs. Baird) and already we've been texting and emailing and dreaming up ideas! She asked me to be the Matron of Honor which is a double thrill since this will be my first wedding to be in.

The "theme" for the reception is looking like it might be vintage love letters - how fantastic of an idea!? I'm telling you, this girl is fabulous and her wedding will be gorgeous! The colors for the wedding are raspberry and navy.

Anyone out there have any thoughts that could be fun centerpieces or ways to incorporate love letters?


hippie mommie said...

Congrats on being matron of honor! How fun! :)

Incorporating letters into a centerpiece sounds hard..... Ummm.. What about using bird cages for thr center pieces... They are vintage and often associated with holding letters...

Then maybe have another area where vintage love letters are displayed?

Here are some neat ideas I found...

Sorry... My creative juices aren't really flowing. :)