Thursday, June 17, 2010

There's a lot on my mind these days. Some good, some frustrating, and

Some delightfully fun things (for my simple mind)...

*I finally narrowed down what colors I want in various rooms of our next place (which who knows where or when a "next place" will be). Blue & Yellow for the kitchen, sand with turquoise and mango accents for the guest bedroom, Khaki with bergundy and sky blue accents for the living room, stealing the idea of lime green and navy from Maria for the guest bathroom, and a fresh green for the master bedroom.

* VBS is next week! I can't wait for Saturday so I can decorate the Sanctuary and help with other rooms. Saddle Ridge Ranch provides so many fun options! However, did you know that nowhere on the entire internet have I been able to find an idea worth anything on how to make tumbleweed!? I was very suprised! So, I've decided to get a beach ball and cover it in raffia - this keeps it light and airy while still looking prickly. Thoughts?

*I have several new [vegan] cupcake recipes that I'm excited to try! I already tried out my Peanut ButterCream Frosting and it is DELISH! Now I just need to make the "Brooklyn Bites Cupcakes" The Vegan Vanilla Cupcake, Chocolate cupcake, Blueberry Mousse, and a couple more :) Excited!... Side note - I really want to be a baker! I'd love to get paid to bake cupcakes and cookies for weddings, showers, and parties. It's a major dream of mine.

What are the fun things floating through your head today?


Kelly Belly said...

The fun thing that's floating around my head is enjoying ALL of the flavors of cupcakes that you are going to make! :oD