Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Imagine an adorable little dog...a lot like this cutie. Imagine this same puppy is in need of a good petting - I'm talking a good "roll over on your belly and soak in the lovin" type of petting...
This puppy has been me. I've felt so alone and disillusioned the past several months. Things that I thought I could count on in ministry have yet to come to fruition. I have struggled with finding my place. I feel as though I've gone from a loving home with great owners to a grungy kennel surrounded by grouchy big dogs always wanting to eat me. Perhaps this sounds dramatic, but it is so true. My heart has ached and been broken in ways I can never totally express.

But last night I felt like someone finally lifted me out of the grungy kennel and gave me that good ole belly rub.

Andy and I had the privilege of going to part of the SBC Pastor's Conference over in Orlando last night as part of the Souther Baptist Convention going on this week. We left straight from work and drove an hour to go hear Dr. Mohler, Andy Stanley, and David Platt as well as partake in worship with Travis Cotrell(sp?) and thousands of fellow believers. Talk about feeling loved! God used Andy Stanley to speak to our hearts in ways that I can't explain here on this blog. He reminded us never to be married to a form of ministry and just flirt with the Great Commission - but rather, be married to the Great Commission and center ministry around it. So much great stuff! David Platt reminded us to never get complacent. He gave 4 reasons why we are obligated to share the Gospel...we are obligated Christians - we can never forget this!

The worship time was so exciting to me - "God of this City", "On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand", "God of Wonders". All of these songs ministered to my heart in such a special way.

All in all, it was a fantastic place far away from the grungy kennel with the growling dogs. For just a moment, I was lifted up and given some lovin' that was so desperately needed. God is faithful - he never leaves us or forsakes us. I may have to go back into the kennel for a while longer, but He still loves me and isn't leaving me here for good. He reminded me of that last night...