Monday, August 9, 2010

Well I've been a busy little bee the past week or so! I've successfully decorated my first ever sheet cake (with a logo for one of our projects at work) - and while it turned out good; I can definitely improve! I made delicious chocolate gluten free cupcakes. I decorated Hello Kitty sugar cookies - Hello Kitty is hard to replicate!! 

I've also spent 6 1/2 hours painting a baby doll cradle for a coworker's niece. No pictures from that unfortunately, but boy was it cute! The cradle itself rocked back and forth and then when I painted the cradle pink, added purple flowers and green polka dots - well it was just down right adorable :) 

I've also been planning away at my first women's ministry event! It's a Friday night/Saturday morning Bible Study - I've done events like this for teenage girls before, but this one is primarily for women. The theme is God's Tupperware and I'm so excited for our 3 lessons! I've been praying for at least 50 women for this event - 40 have signed up! Speaking and teaching God's Word is totally what I would love to make a living doing - so far God has not opened up that door. However, I'm very thankful that He has allowed this door to open. It's nice to feel fulfilled. There's a lot that goes into planning all this though and I can safely say, I'm ready for the weekend to get here so I can relax a little! :)

All of these things were on top of working 40 hours a week, counseling with a precious girl who is going through a heck of a time at home, training for my half marathon coming up in November, fixing 3 homemade dinners in a row, cleaning the house (which Andy has been AMAZING at helping me with!), and more. 

What have you guys been up to? Have you been more busy than me? Or have you had a pretty easy week? 


Annie said...

well the all star wife award goes to rachel!!! You are awesome, girl!! I haven't been up to too much, althought i have been refinishing furniture on the weekends. I have really enjoyed it though! Glad to hear about your eventful days! I'll be praying for the retreat!

Rachel said...

Yay for refinishing furniture! Sounds like a lot of hard work - but fun.