Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 10: 30 Days of Insight

Day 10: Describe a dream you had this past week in detail.

Well, I don't really dream all that much. Or if I do, I rarely remember it. So here we go - what I dreamt last night (the bits and pieces I remember that is)

I was in my childhood neighborhood, although the houses looked nothing like my childhood neighborhood. I was walking up and down the streets with one of our youth leaders going house to house looking for a baseball. One house had a concession style window instead of a garage.

As we were walking back to my parents house, we saw Andy's grandmother had come to surprise us - why I'm not sure. But it wasn't any of Andy's actual g-ma's. Instead it was the wife of Andy's former pastor. That was weird.

Then Andy's aunt and cousin were on the carport of my parent's house, and Andy's aunt said she wasn't allowed to tell us how much she had already had to drink, and then told us it was 15 bottles of beer. Andy's cousin looked nothing like she actually does! In real life C is really skinny, short blonde hair, very reserved and shy, etc. In the dream she had long straight dark hair and was kind of tramp-y. Again...weird.

And that ladies and gents is the only dream I remember from the week. Who wants to analyze!?!

What's one of your recent dreams?